Four reasons why Failing the E1 Test Was Actually Good for My Krav Maga Journey

Alright, let me break it down for you. Back in May 2022, I aced my G5 test. I was on cloud nine, thinking I’m all set for the big E1 test coming up. I had a whole year to prep, right? But then, in June of the same year, I messed up my shoulder real bad, and in October, I had to go under the knife. That meant no regular training for quite a while. Fast forward to February 2023, I finally got the green light to use my left arm and started gearing up for E camp.

Now, let me tell you, my training wasn’t top-notch, but I was stubbornly convinced I was ready for E1. So, off I went to E camp in Israel in July 2023. It was a blast, loads of training and a ton of fun, until the last day when I got my grading results. Guess what? I didn’t make the cut. Failed the test. Ouch.

I swallowed my pride, listened to the feedback, put on a brave face (even though I was fuming inside), and tried not to show my frustration. It took me a few good weeks just to look at that grading sheet without wanting to throw it out the window. Those first 3 to 4 weeks were a rollercoaster of emotions. I went from being bummed out and disappointed to downright furious. I even entertained some crazy “conspiracy theories” and tried to blame everyone and their uncle except myself.

But eventually, I managed to get over myself and see the silver lining. Failing the E1 grading actually woke me up. And here’s why it turned out to be a blessing in disguise:

Humility: Failing knocked some sense into me. It reminded me not to let my ego run wild just because I’d been moving up the ranks quickly. It kept me grounded and open to learning from others. That way, I can show respect to my instructors and fellow Krav Maga buddies as I gear up for another shot at the test.

Resilience: Falling flat on my face taught me resilience. It fired me up to push myself harder and get better. Instead of fearing setbacks, I started seeing them as chances to improve. It toughened me up mentally and boosted my determination to keep going no matter what life throws at me.

Realistic Self-Assessment: Failing made me see where I was lacking. It was a reality check that got me thinking about what I needed to work on. So, I’ve got a solid plan now to tackle my weak points and get ready for the next exam. No more sugar-coating, just honest self-improvement.

Deeper Appreciation: Missing the mark made me realize that Krav Maga isn’t just about belts and ranks. It’s about growing as a person, sticking to it, and staying disciplined. Now, I’m cherishing every step of my journey, finding joy in the everyday training and small victories, all while gearing up for that E1 test round two.

In the end, failing the E1 test was like a wake-up call. It made me appreciate the journey itself, not just the destination. And that’s what really counts in Krav Maga, and in life, too.”

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