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Every journey has a beginning, and the hardest part is going through the door for the first time. We have all experienced this feeling of nervousness at trying something new, and it is perfectly natural.

All that being said, when you first come to train with us, you will know that you made the right decision. The nerves will make way for excitement, knowing that you are among a group of like-minded individuals who share your training goals and only want the best for you. You will do just fine!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Krav Maga is suitable for all, regardless of age, sex, strength, experience or fitness level.

Finding out more about you and your training goals

At Iron Skull Krav Maga, we relate to all of our members and want to assist you in achieving your goals. Whatever your reason for training, setting some goals and sticking to them will help you to stay the course. We will help you on this journey, ensure that you progress and we will have fun along the way!

Krav Maga is for all, so come and try it out

As with any new pursuit, it is always best to try it out first to see if it is for you. Krav Maga is no different. Coming along for your first class will give our team a chance to meet with you and teach you some of the fundamentals of the system. Classes are structured in a similar way but we like to keep it interesting by varying the content. This will keep you on your toes but makes classes much more enjoyable.

Book your first class today

We offer an Adults Beginner Krav Maga Class for just £19.99, with no obligations. This allows you to come along, get a feel for the training, and decide if it is right for you. When booking your class, you can choose your preferred location and date from the timetable. Once you have placed your booking, you will receive email confirmation from our team with all the necessary information, including access to our ‘getting started’ video guides for additional support before attending.

What happens next

Following your first class, you will meet with our team to discuss your training goals further and decide if joining our membership program is for you. We have several membership options available to fit around your schedule, previous commitments and, of course, your goals.

Join Adults classes at Iron Skull Krav Maga today

Learn practical self-defence skills, get fit whilst increasing your confidence.

Book an Adult Beginner class for FREE

Getting started is often the most challenging aspect, so go ahead and schedule a free trial class for yourself.
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